I need blank cells

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Hi all. I'm new to this group & still learning lots about Excel.

I am working on a sheet where I have two separate cells with values contained within. These refer to stock amounts. The first is the physical floor stock, the second is the minimum balance before a re-order is triggered.

To get my re-order cell reference I am using this: =SUM(J5-I5)

What I need is for the re-order cell to show blank, if the physical floor stock (J5) exceeds the trigger amount cell (I5).

If you could assist it would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Aussie Mick.

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Does this return the expected result?

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Thank you for the help. your formula was almost on the money: =IF(J5>I5,"",SUM(J5-I5))

All I needed to do to make it work was change the (=IF(J5>I5... to =IF(I5>J5

Other than that, it is perfect!

Thank you so much. I really appreciate the help.