I can't find filter function in office 2019

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I can't find filter function in office 2019, I made updates and read about the inside office but it's not available.


Please advice?




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@heshamsheeha MS support pages indicate the following regarding FILTER:


Note: This function is currently available to Microsoft 365 subscribers in the Monthly channel. It will be available to Microsoft 365 subscribers in the Semi-Annual channel starting in July 2020. For more information on how features are rolled out to Microsoft 365 subscribers, see When do I get the newest features in for Microsoft 365.

@Riny_van_Eekelen as you are saying it's not available for Microsoft 2019

Microsoft Office 2019 the filter function is not available



The FILTER Function is one of the Six Dynamic Array functions functions and they are currently available to subscribers on the Insiders Fast and Microsoft 365 Monthly Channel E3/E5


Semi-Annual and Annual Channels to follow suit


Maybe Microsoft will include it in Office 2022


Dear the whole filter function is not appearing in the excel 2019@Abiola1 

is it available without subscribe







how to subscribe to Insiders Fast and Microsoft 365 Monthly Channel E3/E5 and i install already office 2019 @Abiola1 


The difference between 2019 and 365 is here What's the difference between Microsoft 365 and Office 2019? In particular, it says 2019 never will have new functionality.


How to upgrade it's better to ask your local reseller, afraid you shall just to purchase the subscription. Bit more is here How do I upgrade Office? 


Which version it's depends on how are you going to use Office. From dynamic array functionality point of view it's not necessary enterprise E3/E5, that could be Family or others, it's important to updater from semi-annual on current or beta channels. However, dynamic arrays will be on semi-annual as well in couple of months or so. Functionality for concrete subscription it's better to check additionally.



I find it's one thing to never add new functionality to Office 2019 but quite another to disable the functionality it once had in order to force you to the cloud version off Office.


This is one more reason why the government should put some limits on big tech firms - I say that and I'm a big tech supporter and against government controls but big tech continues to abuse their position by disabling my software on my computer that I paid for


The FILTER function has never been available in Excel in Office 2019. It was introduced in the subscription version Microsoft 365, and the first 'permanent license' version in which it is available is Office 2021.

That's curious since I used it regularly for years until a few months ago and I've spent 4 months trying to figure out what was wrong so I could keep using it to quickly sort my customer list in Excel...
There is Filter functionality in older Excel but not the FILTER() cell function.
You (old Excel) can Create Tables or add the Quick Filter drop downs or just go under the Data tab and use the Filter button to filter a set of data.
You (old Excel) can NOT write a cell based formula to dynamically FILTER a set of data and return the results to this new location.
Does that help?
I wonder why Microsoft FILTER function page lists Excel 2019 as one of the versions compatible with FILTER: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/filter-function-f4f7cb66-82eb-4767-8f7c-4877ad80c759

How should I read it, as a mistake from that page? Or are there 2019 versions compatible with FUNCTION?


It's an error in the documentation. Excel 2019 does NOT have the FILTER function.


So Microsoft was trying to downgrade the 2019 product to force people into the cloud?  They were partially successful but I'll be the first to support the US Congress' limiting of Microsoft's power and any anti-trust cases that come up...


More exactly the force people on subscription model, not exactly into the cloud. You may subscribe on 365, download and install apps and never work in the cloud directly.

Do you accept this or not that's another story.

Interesting, I'll need to research that more. I used Office apps on my desktop for 30 years and I had control of where everything was. Then I started another business a few years ago where my partner requires MS365 so I had Outlook and now MS365 Outlook on the same desktop, one IMAP and the other Exchange. MS proceeded to replace all my Office2019 desktop apps with cloud versions and lost about 10,000 IMAP emails I retained on all my customers for the last 20 years. I know they were 'just trying to help me' but they are only trying to help themselves and I wish they would ask me (and not in a 28-page, fine print agreement I have to agree to to use the product) before they make major changes in my business processes.
I'm not against using the cloud but want to do so on a controlled basis when it's an advantage to me. Thanks for your input.
I think
online is the trend of these years.
SAAS(software application as service) includes AI like ChatGPT.


I'm on subscription model for a long while and not sure how smooth the transition on it. Only may say I have, among others, IMAP account connected to my 365, it works without any problems.

IMHO, in general it shall be no difference between subscription and one-time purchase models except money you pay and set of features you have.