I am about to be mad about Excel 2021 on Mac

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Hi guys.


If you use excel as almost an expert. I think there are many jokes you will meet when you start to use Excel on Mac after you used it on Windows.


In last days i've tried to import quick access toolbar import option and i saw that it's not available on Mac.


Now, while i was trying to do something very simple, i've learned many new things that are not available on Mac. If you know something about them, and how to use them please can you inform me?


➤I cannot use "Evaluate Formula" option on Mac because it looks it's not available.



➤I cannot change cell mode as pressing F2 when i want to edit a formula bar in data validation or conditional formatting for new formula rules.


➤ Power query doesn't allow me get data from a folder or another excel file.



What kind of restrictions these are! It's not comfortable to use. How i cannot use arrow keys while i am editing my formula in data validation or custom new rule for conditional formatting. And what a deficiency is this not to get data from a folder or another excel file?


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It is a know issue that Mac Excel lags behind. They are updating it to closer match Windows Excel (proven by the fact that you have a get and transform, which was totally unavailable until very recently). To evaluate formulas, I suggest you look at Charles Williams tools here: http://www.decisionmodels.com/FastExcelV4Manager.htm