Hyperlinks in Excel

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Hi I am wondering if someone can help me with understanding hyperlinks and how to get this specific way to work. We are trying to figure out how to link a pdf file into the spreadsheet and then to be able to upload to an external portal such as one drive and for the recipient of the spreadsheet to be able to open the PDF file on their computer from the external portal without having to rebuild the hyperlinks and so can access the PDF files through the spreadsheet


sorry if this is slightly confusing but we cannot figure it out!

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@MP_Power_Admin After you upload the pdf to onedrive, or similar, click on share.  Depending on whether its a personal or organizational OneDrive the options may differ.  


The key is to ensure anyone with the link can access is selected.  In my case, they must be in our company, yours might be different.  


Once you make changes, click apply, and a new link will be generated.  You can copy that link and paste in excel and anyone should be able to open.   


Hope this helps resolve your challenge.