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Welcome All i want to send mail using hyperlink fourm

When using it i faced some errors

I cant put many mails in cc

And i cant put body of mails in many lines just one line

Could anyone help me


To :email address 

Cc : email1؛;email2;email3

Subject : work

Body : Dears

I want to thank you all

Best regard

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@eltorky21 As you mentioned,hyperlink can not achieve your goal.

You can try search VBA outlook.

@peiyezhu as security concerns vba is locked on pc 



OK,I See.

If No VBA in local PC,you need create send mail service on remote server and invoke it with Excel formular WEBSERVICE.


Like below:

=webservice("http://e.anyoupin.cn/eh3/?send2~email_address_to~title remider~my workbook has been updatede.anyoupin.cn.<br>next line<br>OK")