How to use the XLM?

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Hi guys,

I know that Excel macro 4.0 was introduced in Excel 92. It still exists in the body of the most recent Excel. I've enabled XLM as follow. And created an Excel .xlm file. So how can I exercise the macros, for example, in this link? It seems that these macros do not appear in the formula bar. Many thanks!


Update: I believe I understood it incorrectly. The successor of XLM is XLL C API, most (if not all) of the XLM macros become XLL C API, for example, ADD.TOOLBAR becomes xlfAddToolbar and ALERT becomes xlcAlert. So they are not available in the formula bar but available in XLL C API.

And I believe the above option is for compatible with opening older Excel file which use XLM.


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My knowledge is limited when it comes to XML, but I find it a very nice job :).


Thank you for sharing this with us.


*It would be nicer if I had it as a workbook :)).


Maybe send it to Microsoft as a template.



@NikolinoDE Did you mean the XLM macro document? I'm not the author. You can find it at here. It's nice if you are writing XLL plugin.