How to use quick access toolbar keyboard without shift

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Hello guys,

here are my specs:
Lenovo IdeaPad 3 15ADA05
Office 365 Home English
Belgian keyboard lay-out (so I have to press "shift" key in order to type a number; otherwise if I press "1" i get "+" sign, if I press "2", I get "ľ" sign and so on)

here is my problem:
When I want to use quick access toolbar (QAT) shortcuts (e.g. ALT+1 or ALT+2, etc.) I have to simultaneously press the Shift key to effectively get ALT+number. It seems natural on a Slovak keyboard. Because if I press ALT+1 (without shift) I am actually pressing something that Excel reads as ALT+"+" or instead of ALT+2 Excel gets ALT+ľ (those are the corresponding Slovak-keyboard characters).

The thing is I know it can be set up otherwise. On my other laptop, I do not face this problem. When in Excel I simply press ALT+1 (without Shift) to activate the first item in QAT. Same thing worked on my work computer - Slovak keyboard and no need to press the Shift key to activate command from QAT.

Have you ever came across this kind of issue? I will appreciate any and all advices 




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If you ever get a reply with a solution... i've got the same problem, super annoying!
added to having to press the shift button, you also can't press them all together, you have to press and release <alt>, and then <shift>+1.
On qwerty keyboard computers, i could just do <alt>+1 without having to release <alt> for the action to happen...