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I have a spreadsheet which needs to be shared by others over share point. Unfortunately, the risk of the formulas being accidentally altered is too high high and it must be protected otherwise the data will be compromised.


This data also needs to be grouped into sections as there is too much of it.


I understand you can do this with VBA but obviously the developer tab is not available online - is there any other work around, trick, hack for this?



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Here's a small Solution approach...

Please replace "MyTable Sheet" with the name of your Excel sheet and assign a password to remove the protection.


Private SubWorkbook_Open()

     Sheets("MySheet").Protect Password:="MyPassword", UserInterfaceOnly:=True
     Sheets("MySheet").EnableOutlining = True

     End sub


 Please note that the macro will be completed in a different version of Excel, as macros can be run online in Excel but not created (to put it in simple terms).

Work with VBA macros in Excel for the web

Save the Excel file as a macro file (.xlsm) or binary file (.xlsb) to keep the macros.


Additional Information:

Outline (group) data in a worksheet


Hope I was able to help you :).



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