How to use additional actions?

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I want to import date into outlook calendar

and found the article "Properties for the Date action"

It says: 

Use the Date action in either of the following ways:

  • Open your Outlook calendar to the specified date

  • Create a meeting appointment in Outlook on the specified date

To do this, a full date (including month, day, and year) must be specified in an Excel cell or on a PowerPoint slide. The format of the date can be long, such as January 22, 2021, or short such as 1/22/21. And you must also have Outlook set up on your computer.

With the full date in the document, you just right click it. Then, on the pop-up menu that appears, you select:

Additional Actions > ... (in PowerPoint)


Additional Cell Actions > ...  (in Excel)


But I cannot find the "additional cell actions"?

It says "Additional Cell Actions > ...  (in Excel)"

Can somebody help?



(Pic in Mandarin)



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