How to show 3 or more decimals in Excel when using multiple cells being combined using &?

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Hello everyone,


I'm setting a new invoice system and would like to know how to show 3 or more decimals when  combining multiple cells by using the & signs; for example:


1. My regular text shows this in cell L5:  2,743.200 on its own. It can be any cell. 

2. These are the values being used to get below result in number 3:





3. When I use this formula: =K5&" "&AD5&" /"&" "&L5&" "&"M2"):  I get this: 

4 Rolls / 2743.2 M2, and not 4 Rolls / 2743.200 M2


I would like this to show the result in number 3 as: 4 Rolls / 2743.200 M2 after doing what it's in number 3. Is that possible? I already changed the destination cell format to be in number with 3 decimals but I'm not getting what I need.


Any help would be really appreciated.

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For concatenation transform L5 to text

... & TEXT(L5, "#,##0.000") & ...
Thank you so much, it worked as =K5&" "&AD5&" /"&" "&TEXT(L5,"0.000")&" "&"M2 which both you and Quadruple advised. I had to change the comma to a period because of how my Excel is configured.