How to send a macro enabled file by email

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When I email a macro enabled file to another user, they can neither see nor action the originally embedded macros.  How should I send a file with embedded macros?

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  1. Did you select File > Share > Email > Send as Attachment, or did you attach the workbook to an email message yourself?
  2. Did the recipient download the workbook from the email message, instead of opening it directly from the message?

If the answer to 1. and 2. is yes, the recipient should be able to run macros in the workbook. They may have to allow macros explicitly when they open the workbook.

@Hans Vogelaar 


After the transfer to a colleague failed, I tested the steps internally to another user here at home.

I created an email and attached the file that contained macros.

Then I opened the received file on the other computer, and looked for the embedded macros.  Nothing there.

As I read the MS information, Microsoft now puts a note in all files sent over the internet such that macros cannot be accessed on receipt.



Macros from the internet will be blocked by default in Office explains how to enable macros that have been blocked.

@Hans Vogelaar 

Thanks for the link.

Things don't quite work as promised.

When I opened the file on the recipient computer, it did not display the warning "Security risk...."

So I had no opportunity to accept the risk from the embedded macros.

On both the recipient computer and on my own computer (where I created the file, and the macros work) the option to unblock the security is not offered.  See image.




Hmm... Does anyone else know how to solve this?