How to save symbols

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I am able to insert symbols from various fonts into my Excel spreadsheet, but I am unable to save them. Excel replaces them with question marks.

What process do I use to save the symbols so I can share them with others?

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Hi @CraigMI1290, could you please share the file? Are you inserting symbols from the web or from the Office built-in symbols menu?

@Maciej_KopczynskiI'm using the Office built-in menus. I've tried using symbols from a couple of different fonts but none of them will save. One of them is Arial and another is Calibri.  

Strange. Is it happening to all symbols that you are trying to insert? And also what is your default font in Excel?

@Maciej_KopczynskiIt's happening to all the symbols. They show up when I insert them but are replaced with question marks after I try to save. The default font is Ariel.