How to Save Data Streamer Settings in Excel Workbook File

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I am using Excel 365 and have been trying to use the Data streamer function, but have encountered the following 2 problems:

1.  I adjusted my channel number to suit my data in addition to making modifications to various cells on the Data In sheet.  But when I disconnect and reconnect my device from the Data streamer, it looks like the channel number settings always gets changed back to "10", and it rewrites over the Data in sheet to its default values.  It looks like the other settings (Data interval, Data rows, Data orientation) can be saved, but the Data channels always goes back to 10.  Is there a way to prevent this from changing?

2.  Sometimes when I try to reconnect my device to the correct COM port, it gives the error that that COM port is occupied.  It seems like it is occupied by the excel workbook even though it says it is not connected and cannot "start data".  I think this is the case because (with the workbook open) I try to connect to my streaming data via that port with a serial terminal application and it also says that the COM port is occupied.  When I close the excel workbook, then try the serial terminal application again, it is able to stream the data.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you 


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