How to omit variable blank series categories in excel chart legend

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By no means an Excel expert but can through together a chart easily enough (or so I thought).

Whilst my chart remains static, the data that populates it will change. Accordingly I have set my data series to include all fields whether populated or not - expecting that the chart will show data when it's present, and indeed it does. 


Where a Series Legend Entry is populated it correctly shows the entry (in my instance the descriptive of the chart line). But where another Series Legend Entry in the same data selection is empty my chart still creates a chart line in the legend even thought there is no descriptive (the cell is empty).


How can i get my chart to simply ignore empty cells where the series legend entry does not exist and use them when it does?


hope that makes sense - tried to relay as best as possible






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Hi @viu_MD 


I tried to put a little example together. If I understood you correctly, you have a certain series label, but not values for it, like in this screenshot:




If that's the case, the only option I know is to hide the respective column. By default, hidden data is not shown in the chart, so there will also be no legend:



The behaviour of hidden data can be changed in the "Select Data Source"-dialogue:



But of course, you have to hide/unhide the columns manually, when appropriate.


Maybe this helps.