How to Navigate the "Applies To" Box for Conditional Formatting

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My question is how to navigate the "Applies to" Box for Conditional Formatting when wanting to edit the cells for which the conditional formatting applies. Since my list of cells and cell blocks is quite long, not all the list shows in the box. If you click the arrow key to move further along the list, Excel thinks you want to select a cell and adds a cell reference. How do you move the cursor farther along the list without it entering new cell references? (This happens even when you click on the arrow that pops the "Applies to" into a separate box.)


My second question is, after pressing the arrow to pop out the "Applies to" Box, and all the marching ants highlight all the cells that the conditional formatting applies to, is there an easy way to remove just some of those cells without having to start the selection process all over?


Thank you so much if you can help me out! This has bugged for the last 20 years!



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Once you click inside the Applies to TextBox, press the F2 function key to go into Edit mode and then you can use the right or left arrow key to navigate.

Thank you so much!! I can't believe how many years have passed and I didn't know that!! It drove me so crazy that's why I joined this site so I could ask this question! Haha!



You're welcome! Glad I could help.


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