How to manage double code entries for inventory in Excel (Same product, different suppliers)

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Hello Y'all! 


I am quite new to excel and I have been able to make a simple inventory for our goods in warehouse. Here's a quick introduction for what what we do and what exactly do I want. 

So we are a raw fabric company. The inventory system is built for our  warehouse, so they can keep a record of all INs and OUTs of the fabrics. I have successfully developed an inventory using VLOOK and SUMIFs functions but I noticed that I have a problem, here it is: 


Since the raw materials are pretty much the same, we have 2 suppliers for the same exact goods. There's absolutely no difference between them so we gave them one code. But when I use VLOOKUP function to add in my IN&OUT list, the IN & OUT table can only read the information from the whoever was added first, and not the second as you can see below.

example 2.jpg

How should i deal with this situation?


Thanks in advance!

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