How to make "error bars" that are above the value of a data point

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I want to graph blood Hemoglobin using a chart in Excel 365. The first data point I have is 9. The normal range of Hemoglobin is 13 to 17 and I want "error bars" to show at 13 and 17 so I can see when the values of Hemoglobin entered in the workbook over time enter into the normal range. As far as I can see, Excel only allows error bars above and below the current data point and doesn't allow one to make error bars that are above (or below) the current data point value. Please see attached mock-up of how I think this should look.



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I suggest adding a second data series that has the 'average' expected value and then add the error bars to that second data series and set the line and point formatting of the series to 'None' so all you will see are the error bars.