How to implement a simple drop down list with 2 choices

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Hi - I'm relatively new to Excel Functions.  I'm trying to create a column where the  user selects 1 of 2 options from a drop down list - Either Onsite or Delivery. The solutions I've come across are functions that do a lot more than what I'm asking. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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After the user selects an option from the drop-down list, what do you want to happen next?
Your desired result shall dictate what formula to use.
The formula may use a myriad of combinations of functions, which all return your expected result.

Actually, nothing needs to happen next.  Its just a shortcut for me to be able to select what type of catering contract I need to provide.  In other words, its just informative., if that makes sense.

Do you mean that you want to create a drop-down list wherein the user may select 1 of 2 choices?

yes 1 of 2 options - Onsite or Delivery

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Press Alt,A,V,V, then select list. In the source box, type:
Press Enter and it’s done.

Thank you so much! I'm looking into an online course for Excel so hopefully it will cover more than just the basics.

If my answer returned your expected result, then indicate so to terminate this conversation.
If you have another question, you must make another post. Relative to your search for an online course, I won’t recommend any.
The result you want should dictate the skill you need to achieve it. There’s no logical basis on which you should learn something you don’t need anyway.
For a start, you must know what results you want to achieve. Post each one here and you will surely be apprised of the best way to achieve it. Such a way may come from me or from the esteemed experts in this community.

Yes, your answer was correct. Thank you.

You’re welcome. As I said earlier, you may post another question. This community was primarily created for beginners like you.
In my personal opinion, I should have learned about this community earlier so that I should have not learned the hard way.
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