How to have a long date in English US format on an Italian locale system?

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Let us suppose that I have a date in an Excel cell. In my regional settings for Windows 10 I have set for my Region (Italy), a short and long format. In fact, if I go to Number Formats, I can select both to format my cell. Now, let us suppose that in the same Excel sheet I have another date that should be formatted as short or long date in English US format. If I go to Number Formats and I select for that cell the English US locale, I see only Date, not Short or Long date. Of course I need to format THAT cell, not to change the locale of my whole operating system which would affect other applications too. Any idea how to do that?

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You could apply the custom format


[$-en-US]dddd mmmm d, yyyy




[$-en-US]mmmm d, yyyy


It shall be a lot of options for each selected locale, do I understand correctly you don't see them?


The problem is that the LONG DATE Format exist ONLY for CURRENT locale in Windows. So if my locale is Italian, I have short and long date formats ONLY for Italian, not for English. Of course, Windows changing regional settings is NOT a solution because it would affect any other application. The only solution is to use [$-en-US] before format specification.


My current locale is English UK, but if to select any other one, e.g. Italian, I see long date down to the list


Tha is NOT the long date: Long Date is "mercoledì, 14 marzo 2012".