How to handle table returned from lookupvalue function?

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I have recently been asked a question relating data imported from a csv file into Excel worksheet. I want to know name of the cities with lowest and highest revenue. I did some online research and I found out that lookupvalue function can be useful in solving this problem. However, I didn't find any topic pertaining to handling the result of this function when it's a table (multiple value). I appreciate it if you can help me.

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Please attach your sample file.



Here is the sample file. But beware that the data in city column should be split to include only the city name (since the state and country has their own dedicated columns).





I inserted two columns after City, then selected column F and did Data > Text to Columns > Comma delimiter to split out State and Country. I then deleted the inserted columns G and H.


I inserted 4 rows at the top of the sheet and in cell F2 entered the formula

=INDEX(F6:$F$5523,MATCH(MAX(E6:E5523),$E$6:$E$5523,0)) for the max value

=INDEX(F7:$F$5523,MATCH(MIN(E6:E5523),$E$6:$E$5523,0)) for the min value


See attached file


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