How to expand table data in elaborated table (as shown in the attachment)


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How to expand the table (Table A) based on no of sold and item. It should be shown in the same sequence in one column (Table B) itself?

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Actually I want to list out unit price in the number mentioned in the no of sold. 

For Eg: 


Glassi Sold 8 Times. So i want to list out glassi price 8 times in the same column. 


@Detlef Lewin 


Just to be clear: List.Numbers is a function within Power Query.

So you have to load the table into Power Query and add a custom column with containing this function.

See attached file.





this is a new function for me, could you please help me with step by step? @Detlef Lewin 

Does any one have any solution for this?


What @Detlef Lewin suggested is to query source table by Power Query and made small transformation, generated script is looks like

    Source = Excel.CurrentWorkbook(){[Name="TableA"]}[Content],
    AddNo = Table.AddColumn(
        each List.Numbers(1,[NoOfTimes Sold])
    ExpandNo = Table.ExpandListColumn(
        AddNo, "No"
    RemoveUnused = Table.SelectColumns(
        {"Item", "No", "Unit price"}

and load result back into Excel sheet. It is in attached file.