How to draw borders in Excel 365?

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ello All,

In previous versions of Excel, there's a "Draw Border" tool when you move your cursor over the Border icon on the Ribbon. Your cursor would become a pencil so could freely draw a border. See link for demo of it.

But I'm using the Excel 365 and unable to find this functionality?  If was removed or relocated elsewhere, also I checked in the Help menu and didn't see it.

Please could you help or suggest a way - I use the "Draw Border" tool to draw cash flow diagrams. As an example see this link


Look forward to hearing from the community soon.




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Maybe this information will help you in your project. If not, please ignore.

Apply or remove cell borders on a worksheet

Thank you for your time and patience and wish you much success in your project.


For the desktop version of Excel 365 it's at the same place (see screenshot, that's 365), or you mean Excel Online ?


@Sergei Baklan Thanks Sergei for responding.

Yes, you're right I'm using Excel online (not the desktop version). Don't see the "Draw Borders" tool in the drop down. See screenshot below.




@Nikolino Thanks Nikolino for responding.  I'm using Excel online but seems that functionality is not available.


Excel Online has limited functionality compare to desktop version, unfortunately it has no such option.