How to delete 3,277 empty work sheets

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This is my first (and possibly only) project in Excel.  All of my information fits on one page.  Apparently, I managed to create 3,277 extra empty pages. How can I delete them?  Thank you

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@Lishka57 You must have accidentally entered something a few thousand rows down and/or columns to the right.


Select the first empty row below your data. Press Ctrl-Shift-arrow_down. Delete all selected rows.

Select the first empty column towards the right side of your data. Press Ctrl-Shift-arrow_right. Delete all selected columns.


Save the file under a different name (just to be sure). Close and re-open. Does this fix it?


choose any sheet and press right click by mouse, then select all sheets then delete.

After selecting all, Ctrl+Click on the sheets you want to keep to unselect them.
It is also possible to Shift+Click to increase or decrease selections of sheets (as well as cells).
You may also drag and drop sheets to get them in a better order to be able to shift+click easier (depends on their actual order).
It sounds the 3,277 pages are from 1 sheet and not multiple sheets so the grouping solution isn't needed. If this is an Enterprise version (Work) of M365, you can use Clean Excess Cell Formatting:

@bosinander Thank you very much

Thank you very much