How to create a log of responses dependent on cell entry

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Doc 1, 2 & 3Doc 1, 2 & 3I have 3 worksheets with the same information to collate reviews of specifications, for this purpose Doc 1, 2 & 3.  Once the review is carried out there will be a number of internal comments and a number of response to customer comments.  Is there a formula take line item 1 for instance and populate all 5 columns (not line item no) into a 4th worksheet called response to customer log.  So every time there is an entry in the response to customer column it take all of that line entry into a log.


Here is the even trickier part elsewhere on the worksheet there will be a single cell which has the document title for this worksheet, this would also need to be included in each line item that is transferred into the log.  Now just to add more spice to things there is three docs to review but all responses with response to customer cell filled out have to go into this log, with the comments from Doc 1 starting first then Doc 2 following last comments from Doc 1 and same for Doc 3.


I have a colleague looking into this who can do VBA, what ifs, lookup calcs etc but he thinks it could be above his knowledge.  Is this something that can be done and if so can someone point us in the right direction?



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In response to your question, nothing can be done unless you point the direction. It is only then that you may be given an idea of the right way to get there.
Bluntly stated, you must provide a walk-through of the results you want to achieve along the way. Thereby, I can somehow suggest a way for you to get there.



Do you see the picture that was in the original post?  Ignoring the Line No column, what I am looking to do is populate these line items. In column one will be a clause reference from a document, next column will be the requirement from that document, the next three columns will be depend if it has a commercial impact or its a technical impact.  Ignoring the column between these two there will be a response that goes into the internal column or the reply to customer column.


There could be upto 30 line items per sheet, with columns 1, 2 & 4 being populated on every line item.  Each line item will have either a comment in column 3 or 5 in addition to the others but never both.  After I have populated the whole worksheet with say 30 line tiems, I was wondering if there is a way to create a log on separate worksheets from the information depending on which column is populated, so if column 3 is populated on say 6 items it creates a log of only that line items and vice versa for if column 4 is populated.


I am not looking for someone to do it for me just some pointers in what we could be looking at if it is possible?


Thx NR

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