How to count values of Dropdown lists (formula for separate column)

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I am trying to figure out a way to count the values in the Dropdown list I created. 


i.e. I have a status "Paid" and want to see how many customers paid who selected that from the Dropdown menu. 


I'll be creating a separate column/row on the side so there is a pre-populated formula. I want it to automatically change the number on the paid column (when updated). 


Hopefully this makes sense. 


Thanks in advance! 




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Hopefully this makes sense.


Well, I'm sorry, but not really. I've read through several times and it gets more confusing each time.


Do you want to count the number of customers who selected "Paid"? How will that data be stored? Does each customer interact with your spreadsheet directly, selecting Paid or ___[something else??]___ , with then a row created for that customer's transaction?


And what is this "separate column/row on the side" -- is it a column with multiple rows, perhaps one for each customer? Or is it a single cell (intersection of a column and a row) in which the number of people who've selected "Paid" will appear?


And then there's this opening statement: "I am trying to figure out a way to count the values in the Dropdown list I created"  WHAT does it mean? A dropdown list, once created, is what it is. Whatever the values are that are in it--you can count them. [Yes, it's possible to have a dynamic list, but I don't think that's what you're talking about; if it were, you'd know the answer to your dilemma.]


It might help if you posted a picture of the spreadsheet you have so far. If you can post the actual spreadsheet in OneDrive or GoogleDrive--granting access via a link you post here--that would be even better.


But you could supplement all that with a clearer description of what the "bigger picture" is here. What are you tracking to begin with? What other choices (other than "paid") would a customer or user have in the dropdown list you've created?