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How to count number of employees days on work between 2 dates (countif etc)

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Hi, I'm trying to figure out how to make excel check 2 dates on each row and see if if that person is active on work. 


For example.

Employee 1 works 16 feb to 3 march

Employee 2 works on 17 feb to 4 march


I wanna count each day and show how many work on each day on shift.

In this simple example on 16th I have 1 employee working, and on 17th I have 2 etc. 


Any tips on moving on? I have been playing around with countif but no success yet :)

I basically wanna fil out the Persons on shift for each day from the "calendar" above that's 2 dates in each column. 




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Let's say the start dates are in B3:B10 and the finish dates in C3:C10.


The lit of dates below starts in A15.

In B15:

=COUNTIFS($B$3:$B$10, "<="&A15, $C$3:$C$10, ">=&A15)

Fill down.

Thanks for helping out! I made a simple excel and put the boxes in. But I can't get it to work..!AgVMgapiFJvPgZAwNWKDix56QnnYSw?e=sDzfak


Snippet if u don't wanna click the link. 





I forgot one quote, but the formula has to be different since the start and finish values have a time component.

I have updated your workbook.

It works perfectly! Thank you so much!

The counter is working really good.

I would like to improve it...

I dont wanna count the days in the "middle" when 2 persons swap place. 


As of now, I I have to se where 2 dates are meeting, and then take -1 on that count.

I have drawn lines where dates meet. On those places I wanna remove 1 from the count. 



Imagine these dates represent people on a boat. And my job is to see which people are on "duty" that day. And all date lines are when people are working, and on the last day of work, I don't wanna count them as active if that makes sense. Bc they are leaving that day. So I wanna remove the last day IF that date line meets another date coming out... Always keeping track on people on active duty. 


So i was thinking... if some compare function can do that. If comparing 2 dates and in that way remove one from that day. 







@Hans Vogelaar 

basically... remove the last day before doing the count on each "end" finish date should work..
-1 on each end day.. they do the normal formula


How about




for the original data range, and




for the one on the right.


Fill down.