How to copy or move cell content in Excel

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Hi. That sounds simple and stupid but I am not able to find an answer. I need to copy content from one workbook to another. How this is achieved in Excel?

All results on internet say to use copy and paste, or paste special, paste values, but this all is not working. For example, 'Text becomes just Text, and an apostrophe is lost. I just need to place content, and I can't find a way. I tried... Everything. I don't know what to try except these options. I tried to copy content of some cells only through a text editor but still apostrophes do not appear.

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Make sure that you open both the source workbook and the target workbook from within Excel.

I do, the source is the desktop app and the target is in browser. I tried to open it in desktop app too but then I can't save it as it is always locked for editing by someone (including my account).


Copying between the desktop app and the web (browser) app is copying between two different applications, so the special features that work when you copy within one app are lost. I don't know of a workaround for that.