How to convert trendline with E into Excel formula?

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How do I write this formula in an Excel cell? y = 4E-11x3 - 3E-07x2 + 0.001x

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Perhaps you mean

=4E-11*A1^3 - 3E-07*A1^2 + 0.001*A1
I understand how to raise cell A1 to the exponent of 3 "A1^3"
What do I do with the 4E?


That's scientific notation for the number. 4E-11 is the same as 0.00000000004



@Sergei Baklan 


Using the E as scientific notation does not work.  


Here is my data

CD14 Concentration (pg/mL)Average

y = 1E-10x3 - 6E-07x2 + 0.0012x


How can I write the slope formula so that I get reasonable values when solving unknows ie x?


Formula gives not exact but close to your data result


Please note, if you enter the formula with scientific notation Excel automatically converts such numbers to "number" format where possible.

For example, if you type


 after you hit Enter same formula will be shown as


(in A1 is number 2).

Please let me rephrase my question. When I make a scatter plot graph with the above data, add a trend line I get the slope equation of "y = 1E-10x3 - 6E-07x2 + 0.0012x". How do I write this formula in a cell to solve for unknow x values? The response above has 0.8 and then the formula but does not give a result that should be 2,000.


Sorry, I'm missed - where is X and where is Y in your sample? Trendline formula shows how for known X calculate Y, not an opposite. Depends on that you may use any of formulas like


Highlight the formula on the graph and change the Number Category in the Format Trend Line Label from General to Number and set the Decimal Places to a high number such as 15. The equation should now become clearer. For example:
y = -5E-10x5 + 3E-07x4 - 5E-05x3 + 0.0054x2 - 0.2734x + 8.1635
y = -0.000000000502085x5 + 0.000000268770761x4 - 0.000054782577118x3 + 0.005380616863556x2 - 0.273384591163818x + 8.163540606805940
Which if x is in Cell L2 the Excel Equation is
= -0.000000000502085*L2^5 + 0.000000268770761*L2^4 - 0.000054782577118*L2^3 + 0.005380616863556*L2^2 - 0.273384591163818*L2 + 8.16354060680594