How to change the x-axis scale to indicate the point of 00:00:00

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Hi everyone, my current figure is shown in the below picture. Could you please tell me how to change the x-axis and make the 00:00:00 indicated in the x-axis. I also mark the x-axis I want (in red highlights). Thanks a lot.

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Set the minimum to 0.0 and the maximum to 3.0



@Hans Vogelaar Hi, thanks a lot for your prompt reply. It is a good way to solve the problem. But I want to set some distance between the y-axis and the curves. thanks. 



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Set the Minimum to -0.5 and specify that the vertical axis crosses at -0.25:



thanks a lot. it there any other method to keep the space with -0.25 but the x-axis shows as I want?


It looks OK to me with the settings I mentioned:



Thanks a lot. It helps a lot. Cheers, mate.