How to auto change the font color

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How do you set up a function to have the font color of a cell change based on information entered in the cell prior.


Column "B" has a default number listed in each row = "56"  and the font color is a light gray

When the number entered in column "A" is greater than "0" I want the font color in column "B" of that row to change to black. But if it remains at "0" or 'blank" then it needs to stay light gray.


Can this be done?



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@KHill21 This is a job for Conditional Formatting (Home tab -> Styles grouping) :


Highlight Column B and select New Rule:


Then select "Use a formula to determine which cells to format"

click on Format to set your formatting.

In the formula box if you want any cell that the corresponding cell in column A has a value in it to get that formatting then you just need a formula "=A1" of "=$A1" if you want it to apply to additional columns past B



and you should be all set

Sweet. Thank you so much!