How to add Row Data from one tab to another once a quantity is filled in each tab.

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I am stuck and I'm sure it's an easy formula. I have a workbook with about 16 tabs that have data in each row. and a master tab where I want to collect the data on depending on the quantity of each row. I have a column that I fill in the qty of each item I want to order and if the data is greater than 0 I want that entire row to auto-populate to the Master tab all of the material tabs will populate that master tab. I hope this makes sense. Please help! 



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@Doug Jones 

If you're using Excel 365, perhaps this:


The FILTER criteria is a bit longer because the arrangement of the data across sheets is not the same.  The header row starts in different places so a criteria had to be added so it doesn't pull text.

this is exactly what I was after! thank you.
Well, I broke it again. I'm getting an #CALC! error. I have been working to simplify my workbook and must have moved stuff around and broken the formula. any help you can give would be amazing!