How keep excel formula after converting to pdf

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I want to convert a project report from excel to pdf. However I want to make provision to change some field which will result in changing of all the other linked field throughout the report (like excel sheet)

Please see the example here  

Please let me know how to do this.

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A PDF file is like a printed version of the workbook. It does not, and cannot, contain formulas. So what you want is impossible.


Just in case, that's a comment on the site you mentioned


MS Excel is a very good file format when it comes to tabular data and mathematical calculation. But the problem with MS Excel is that you can not combine text with tabular data in a beautiful way. That’s why our project reports are based on editable PDF file format(YES, editable with automatic calculations like Excel) which will not only allow you to change the project report data as per your needs(like Excel) but also represent the whole report in a well formatted printable file.

@Hans Vogelaar 

Please visit the site I mentioned. They have done  it. IF it is impossible, how could they do it


It is possible to create a form with calculations in PDF (using Java or something like that), but you'd have to create it from scratch. As far as I know there is no way to convert an Excel workbook to PDF while retaining the formulas.


It can be done using Adobe Acrobat X or later I think

calculations in pdf though are limited to sum and product and some simple things, not as complicated as an excel sheet, please find the example attached.