How do you increment numbers by 10000?



may i ask how do you set a number in a series of 10000 in excel?

For example, i have a number 360000, and i want it to continuously increment in 10000. Say 370000, 380000, 390000.. etc in a column.



If I have some alphabet in the numbers, will excel able to increment the numbers like below as well?



Thank you!

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Hi there,

There are different ways:

1 - Sequence

2- Simple Sum Function

3 - Fill Command

4 - Row Function

5 - Rows Function etc.


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Youtube link:



This video shows different way to increment numbers from doing it like 1-2-3 to having it increment in groupings like 1-1-1, 2-2-2, 3-3-3. There are eight e...
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To do that, select the cell with number, right click and hold the bottom right corner of that cell and drag it down for few cells and drag back to the original cell and release the right mouse button. Choose Series from the options and in the next popped window, select Columns and then specify the Step Value and Stop Value and then click ok to finish.


Refer to the following short demo video (without audio but I guess it's easy to follow).