How do you automatically remove filters from an online excel doc on sharepoint?

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Apologies but this is all new to me and I am a teacher thrown in at the deep end with the current situation.


I currently have a whole school excel online spreadsheet on sharepoint so that multiple users can enter data. The problem is (I think) that staff are forgetting to remove filters and are somehow overwriting other staffs values.


Is there anyway to set up the doc so that all filters automatically clear after each user? Also incase im missing something could there be another reason why different data is being entered and removed across the entire document?


Thanks in advance!



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@MMCCarte34 Hi there. First you should tell your students to apply the filters ONLY to them (individual).


To clean all the filters applied go to

DATA tab Photo1.png


CLEAR Photo2.png

 in the SORT & FILTERS box.



Thank you for this however the issue is that staff are not clearing filters. This then affects the next user and so on.


I need it to be done for them. Some staff are not coping well with this transition and are not IT literate no matter how many times they are supported.


Is there anyway to set it up that the document automatically removes all filters when the exit the document?



You should tell your fellow teachers and students when they choose filters choose the option "apply only to me". This will not affect other users.

OK. Will they still need to clear their filters when they have finished adding data?


Thank you so much. Its a total headache for a large school staff.



No they don't. Just warn them to apply the filters ONLY to them when they choose the filters. (a pop up message will apear asking if they want to apply the filters only to them or to all users).
I can only get the “see mine” pop up to show up when multiple people are logged in. If only one person is logged in, is there a way to make the pop up show up? I have this same issue with about 500 users.

@tSchneller hello i am late to the party but just found this thread, having the same issue. unfortunately even after asking users to filter "only themselves" this is not working. i'm wondering if you ever found a way to remove all filters automatically as soon as the user closes the file?

Also interested if someone found an automatic solution. Just tried to have a look at all available options but didn't find anything.

I am in the same spot. I'm looking for an option upon close that all the filters are removed.  I have a few people in the excel document working and if I don't clear my filters before close and they do my filters hold. Even if I'm in "My View" @BoudardP 

@Luis_Guicho Your screenshots are not from Excel Online (the browser version) which I believe the OP was asking about. I have a similar issue. I see in Excel Online that filters are active in some columns, but no matter what I do - highlight the cells or the entire row with the columns - the Clear button in Data tab remains grayed out. In the Excel app this works fine.

Having the same issue here. Daily requests to reset filters for users (where they bother to get in touch and don't just abandon the process). Look forward to someone coming up with a solution



There is a way, make the file read only. When the file is read only, all filter is limited to individual. If you still want to give them permission to edit the file. Make the file protected as default(meaning as view only as default).


File -> options -> protect file