How do I make a line chart ignore empty cells and NOT log then as 0?

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I made a line chart and I want it to log a potential of 16 data points, but those data points will be filled in over time so I want the line chart to only graph the real-time data for the number of cells that have been entered.  For example if cell 1 is 200, cell 2 is 225, and cell 3 is 250, and cell 4 is empty I want the line graph to chart 200 to 225 and then 225 to 250 and then just end at 250, NOT drop down to 0 for 4 to 16.   How cand I do this in excel office 365 please.  The methods I have found via google do not work. For example, I found a method to "ignore gaps", but that option isn't actually available to choose in 365 so how else can I do it please?  Thank you! Jay

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@jayzzone11 Like this?

Screenshot 2021-02-28 at 07.08.42.png

If so, on the Chart Design ribbon,  choose Select Data (or right-click on the line and choose Select Data) and look for the option where you can tell Excel how to treat Hidden and Empty Cells. Choose "Connect data points with a line".

Screenshot 2021-02-28 at 07.06.40.png

I'm on a Mac right now so it will be different from the above picture, but it's similar.