How do I keep my custom menus?

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I spent several hours setting up custom menus on all of my Microsoft programs.  Since MS (for whatever reason) decided to get away from logical menus in favor of pointless icons that mean nothing, finding basic menu items has been a royal pain.  Custom menus helped reduce probably half of the additional time needed for these dumbed down menus.  But now, suddenly, all of my custom menus are just....gone.  I literally can not find the buttons that I need in order to do my job.


So the question is: how do we prevent Microsoft from deleting our custom menus?  Note that I made no changes.  I didn't do any updates or upgrades.  I never logged out or anything.  They just randomly disappeared.  I really need these custom menus because, maybe unlike every person in the world besides me, 3 horizontal lines on top of a blue arrow next to 3 stacked boxes with blue lines inside them mean absolutely nothing to me.


Of course when trying to send this, the page is telling me I can't send this because I didn't hit a save button that does not exist.  This is a web page, not an installed program.  Oh, Microsoft.  Always your grandpa's version of what a computer actually is. it's telling me it can't post this because of "past flooding detected" despite this post never being posted.  Oh great, it just popped up telling me I have to save, using the save button.  There IS NO SAVE BUTTON.  THIS IS A WEBSITE!!

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What custom menu's precisely? I mean, there is more than one way to add your own customizations to Office apps, which did you use?

If you used "Customize the ribbon", on the dialog that enables you to customize there's an "Import/Export" button that allows you to export your customizations to a file you can store somewhere safe