How do I change the font color on certain text within a cell

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for example : 

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if I want to change the color of Watermelon & Vanilla only, what should i do?

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You have to be in edit mode in that cell - either click in the formula bar, hit F2, or double-click the cell. Then select the desired text to color. You'll see a pop-up menu with formatting options. If you do not see the pop-up menu, with the text selected, navigate to the Home tab and format from there. You could also right-click the selected text.

There is no way to conditionally format specific text parts of a cell, if that's what you're looking for.

Thanks for your suggestion.  I tried it but the text color remained black.

@kishabrown311  Actually you CAN selectively color individual text parts within a cell.



The easiest way is to click on the cell then click F2 to edit in the cell (it does NOT work if you edit in the formula bar).  Then highlight the text you want to change color and use the pop-up quick edit window (or right click on it to get it to show) and change the text color. Or you can use the Home->Edit ->text color.

Another trick is to actually type it elsewhere (i.e. Word) the way you want and then paste it into excel

The last way is using VBA, which I won't get into.

@Zack Barresse This is easy in Excel 2013 but I haven't found a way to do this in Excel online. Interestingly, if I upload an excel file that already has party formatted text in a cell, it shows properly in Excel online, but it cannot be changed or replicated. When selecting a part of the text after pressing F2, the text formatting options are grayed out.




So what I found is that, you can actually open the excel in your desktop application. The option is in the section next to help, and you can drop down the options and find it just below the viewing option Once you open it, you can do your necessary changes and save. This saving will be saved to the online excel sheet and once you come back and reload the excel sheet online, the changes will take affect. 


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PS: You need an Excel editor application in your Desktop or Laptop for doing this

You have to change Format Cell into Text first
THANK YOU huyen!!! I stumbled upon this thread and you cleared up an issue that has frustrated me for over a year! Changing the Cell Format to Text worked!

In your spreadsheet software, select the cell containing "Watermelon & Vanilla." Use the font color or text color option in the formatting menu to change only that specific text's color. Confirm your changes. capcuttemplates