how do i change the default fiscal year in excel


Microsoft automatically identifies the quarters in a fiscal year that starts in January.


My fiscal year starts in November; how can I change the automatic fiscal year to fit this?

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You can change the default fiscal year in Excel by following these steps:


Choose File > Options, and then select Schedule.

In the Fiscal year starts in box, select the month with which you want the fiscal year to start.

If you want to label the fiscal year by using the calendar year in which that fiscal year begins (rather than the calendar year in which it ends), select the Use starting year for FY numbering check box.


I hope this helps!

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Niko, that link is for Microsoft Project, not for Excel. As far as I know, Excel does not have a built-in concept of fiscal year.


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Hans Vogelaar  I apologize for my mistake :).
@LilYawney It seems that there is no built-in way to change the default fiscal year in Excel.

The only thing I could find on the internet, a workaround might be to create a helper column and fill the month numbers in there.

For example, if you want July to be 1 and June to be 12, you could use a formula to populate the helper column with the appropriate month numbers.


Thank you both for your understanding and patience :).