How can I import data from an Excel Online workbook to another Excel Online workbook?

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I want to know if there is a way to import data from an Excel Online workbook to another one, just like I do in Google Sheets with the formula IMPORTRANGE(). All the data should be kept in the cloud (OneDrive). I will be reading your comments. Thanks!

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@ElizabethLoro much to my dismay this is currently not possible.


This is literally the only thing that keeps me with google sheets at the moment. 


@pkatelaanWDIT Not having import range is also why I miss Google Spread sheets. It made generating manual data entry tracking systems so easy. 

@ElizabethLoro The lack of importrange (dynamic loading of ranges from another online sheet) is the main reason my company will not switch to Excel, along the fact that you cannot use named functions and named ranges in the online version (you need to create these offline). Microsoft forces its user to use the offline version of Office to do anything useful and this goes counter how most companies now use the cloud to do their work (nothing remains on your PC).