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Hi there! 

I have a very basic line graph with a long vertical axis. I'd like to make the graph easier to read by duplicating the axis labels at the top and the bottom of the graph. I've tried everything and followed the help suggestions but it only has options for labels at the top or bottom, not both. Can anyone please help?

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This is very convoluted.


Click anywhere on the chart.

On the Chart Design tab of the ribbon, click Select Data.

Select any series, the click Edit under Legend Entries (Series).

Copy the contents of the Series Values box, then click OK.

Click Add.

Clear the Series Values box, then paste what you copied above, and click OK.

Select the original series again.

Under Horizontal (Category) Axis Values, click Edit.

Copy the contents of the box.

Click OK

Select the new series.

Under Horizontal (Category) Axis Values, click Edit.

Clear the contents of the box, then paste, and clik OK

Click OK to close the Select Data dialog.


Select the new series in the chart.

On the Format tab of the ribbon, click Format Selection.

Under Plot Series On, select Secondary Axis.


On the Chart Design tab of the ribbon, select Add Chart Element > Axes > Secondary Horizontal. This option only became available when you added a series to the secondary y-axis.


You now have two horizontal axes and two vertical axes. If you wish, you can select the second vertical axis and delete it.

@Hans Vogelaar 


Thanks for the reply!

I'm hitting a snag:

The third line of your response says "Select any series, then click Edit under Legend Entries (Series)."

I have done that and I'm looking at the Select Data Source pop-up, and the Chart Data Range is empty, with a message saying 'the data range is too complex to be displayed'. I swear this is just a very simple line graph. 

I've tried continuing by selecting the first thing under Legend Entries and copying and adding and pasting, but then when it comes to the point where I open the Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels, there's nothing there to copy.

Please advise.


@breepa It doesn't matter that the Chart Data Range box is empty.

You should still be able to edit the Series values.

If the Axis label range is empty, you can skip the step to copy it.

Okay, I think I have everything correct and the labels are in place but now I have an additional data line that is out of sync with the one I copied, and the labels on the top aren't aligned with the ones at the bottom. They're in the correct order, but the bottom set is wider than the top set.
Any thoughts?


Could you attach a small sample workbook demonstrating the problem (without sensitive data), or if that is not possible, make it available through OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or similar? Alternatively, you can attach it to a private message to me. Thanks in advance.