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Help with transferring info

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I've built a database to store colleague working patterns, with a separate tab for each week. To get the info, colleagues complete an Excel template where they fill in their start time for each day of each week and return the form by email. I the manually copy this information over to my master database.

With over 2000 colleagues, this is extremely time consuming, so I'm looking for a way to copy each template into the database without having to copy and paste each line separately.

The template has one line for each week, and one cell for each day. The database is the set up to have all colleagues on each weekly tab, so they are all in one place. 

Can anyone help streamline this for me please?

Thanks :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I see you tagged Office 365. Have you considered using Microsoft Forms to collect the information in a spreadsheet automatically? If you create the Form from OneDrive, the Excel workbook will be linked and collect responses as they come in.