Help with Pivot Graph

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Hi, I apologize for this being my 4th request but it was brought to my attention that my screenshot in my previous posting was too small and that may be why no one has responded.


I would like to make a pivot graph.  One that shows a range of numbers (such as the sales, taxes and fees collected) by the month (I already have that part started).  I would like for the graph to also include a comparison/variance/whatever the nomenclature of the previous year (such as up or down in sales/taxes/fees January '23 down $20,000 40% vs January '22) and also the up or down between each month (such as February '23 is up $5000 5% in sales from January '23)


I will post a screenshot and upload a generic workbook.  I hope someone can help.  I have tried watching videos and reading and asking other forums but no one has responded except to tell me my screen shot was too small.




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