Help with minutes/seconds to seconds.

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Hi Excellers,

I have some time fields Time 1- Time 4, as pictured below.  Without changing the format of the cells, what would be the formula to covert Time 1 of 1:35 to 95 seconds, and Time 3 of 1:29 to 89 seconds?


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Hi Steve,


The solution depends on the time format.

I think that Excel read the time as hour:minute as shown in the below screenshot:


Time Format.png


If the time format that shown in the cell is hour:minute as the above screenshot, you need this formula:



But, if the format is really minute:second, you need to use this formula instead:


Time Format 2.png


However, you have to make sure that you read the format as Excel read it.

You may think that the format is minute:second while Excel read it as hour:minute.


Hope that helps