Help with Merging Two Columns based on 3rd column matching

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Good morning.  I have addresses of spouses that are on two different rows. I want to merge them into one row so ultimately I can create a mail merge for letters.  So if the mailing address in column E is the same for row 2 and 3 then I want to merge the First Name on row 3 with row 2 so it will say Thomas & Sharon Legg  - Can you help?  I attached the file.

First NameMiddle NameLast NameSuffixMailing AddressMailing Address Line 2Mailing CityMailing StateMailing Zip CodeMailing Zip4
ThomasRyanLegg 1 Bay St Wrightsville BeachNC284802623
SharonDeniseLegg 1 Bay St Wrightsville BeachNC284802623
KathrynWaltersMcclure 1 Bayberry Pl WilmingtonNC284119205
FrankDavidCrowl 1 Cedar Is WilmingtonNC284092101
LauraNelsonCrowl 1 Cedar Is WilmingtonNC284092101
DavidLawrenceRouen 1 The Isle WilmingtonNC284123278
NancyGailRouen 1 The Isle WilmingtonNC284123278
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=IF(E2=E3,CONCATENATE(A2&" & "&A3&" "&C2),"")

I would insert an additional column and enter this formula in F2 (in my example) and copy formula down.