Help with IF/THEN functions for DOB checks on excel

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We have a spreadsheet where I would like a column to highlight if somone is under/over 18 and another column if someone if under/over 21.


I have the DOB in this format 06-May-2002 (for example) and in the "Over 18" I would like a forumla that calculates if this person is over 18 and if they are the return value shows "yes" and if they're under 18 the return value is "no" and the cell to be highlighted in red.


Does anyone know if this is possible and which formula to use? I have tried googling it but can't really find exactly what it is I am looking for.


Thank you in advance!

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Conditional Formatting will do just that. On the web it looks slightly different than on the desktop, though. Attaching a file that you can open in the web version and see how it's done.




This has worked! Thank you so much for your help and for responding so quickly!