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Need a spreadsheet that will represent the following:

* 12 golfers

* 11 weeks play

* each golfer plays with a different partner each week


This has been driving me crazy, no matter what I try, it never comes out right.  

I know there must be someone out there that can solve this.




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Here is a link where you can find a file to customize.

a file is included.



Golf scorecard template in excel


With a little search on the internet you can find more templates that might help you.
That someone would sit down and create a tournament table seems inconceivable to me considering that more than 70 people have seen this so far and only I am replying.
Try this template or others from the internet and customize them to your liking.

Or buy ready-made software from the Internet

or give it as commissioned work (not me, I don't take on any commissions :).


I wish you the best of luck with your project.