HELP PLEASE! Excel sizing issue!

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Hi everyone,

First time using this forum so I hope I am doing the right thing!


I have created a finance spreadsheet that has a few macros, some fairly (ish) lengthy formulas in it (SUMIFS etc) and conditional formatting in it. It really is not massive or complex! I have made spreadsheets with more in them than this and never had this problem, but...


Last night I added a few columns and formulas etc for something new and then when I saved the file, it took forever! The file size seems to have gone from something like 350kb to nearly 20,000kb! It is incredible slow to open, respond to any activity in it, and save it. 


I have tried everything I could find online, from doing ctrl+end and trying to delete rows and columns, to saving as a different file format etc.  


I spoke on Microsoft live chat and the guy tried to repair and corruptions etc but there were not any. He couldn't explain to me what had gone wrong within the sheet that made it so big. I have added or done something which has caused it to go massive! The spreadsheet genuinely is not that complex and should not be that big at all!


He tried something to do with add-ons as well but that did not work.


Can anyone help with any ideas? 


I would really appreciate anyone that can help at all!


Thank you :).

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You mention conditional formatting. That might be an issue. Use a copy of you workbook and delete all rules.

@Detlef Lewin thank you. I made a copy the sheet and deleted all conditional formatting, took a while as sheet kept 'not responding'. It reduced the file size from 19,721kb to 19,716kb. Still just as slow and I would need the conditional formatting in it of course!

Maybe your workbook contains objects. Locate and destroy.
No idea how to do that! Or what an object is!
I have just noticed as well that although I have freeze panes on, my rows go from 7 to 316?
There are only a few objects in it, literally a couple of buttons that I have added macros to, to just sort A-Z etc. The file was file and under 300kb last night, then I added one column with a few numbers in it and its gone crazily big. I tried going back and getting rid of the column and formulas I put in but even that didn't work. It is some kind of formatting I have done somewhere? The rows seem all funny, go from 7 to 316 and the scroll bar is the full length also, when I click on it it goes smaller but can only scroll so far down the sheet.
Did you really delete the rows and columns and not just the content?
Apologies, I have got this sorted now.
I was playing with the sheet trying to sort and all a sudden it just literally fixed! Reduced in size and job done! Thank you.