Help on IF function

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Any idea on why is it returning true?






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@rennats Texts are considered greater than numbers. That's why.


By the way, you can simplify the formula to:


This will return either TRUE or FALSE. No need for the IF in this case.


But since this is apparently not what you really want, can you explain what is you are expecting and why?



Yeah sorry I was really using the IFS function, I just simplified the formula above.

Below is the my sample IFS.




Something to bear in mind is that the comparison operators also apply to the alphabetical sort order of text, thus

= IFS(
    A1>"asdz", "AFTER 'asdz'",
    A1>"asd",  "AFTER 'asd'",
    TRUE,      "BEFORE OR EQUAL TO 'asd'"

are valid as text comparisons.