Help! How Do I Add Second Data Point to An Existing Graph in Excel Office 365?

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Hello! I've spent much too much time trying to figure out how to add a second data point on a graph in Excel and thought I'd reach out. My data's not complicated whatsoever but apparently not structured in a way to follow the Help instructions. I've got a 2-D chart created (which is what they say more than one vertical axis requires) with 3 years' worth of data plotted and am attempting to add a second line of data to plot on the vertical axis for the same timeframe. I'm sure it's easy as pie but it is excaping

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A little more info... I just watched a brief vid on how to do this and on the 'All Charts' tab in the 'Change Chart Type' dialog box, when I select 'Combo', there's nothing for me to select. I can see the four chart types at the top of the dialog box but nothing in the actual box itself.
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Click on the chart.

Activate the Design tab of the ribbon, under Chart Tools.

Click 'Select Data' i the Data group.

Under 'Legend Entries (Series)', click Add.

Optionally, enter a name for the new series, or point to a cell containing that name.

Then click in the 'Series Values' box, remove what's there, then point to the range containing the y-values for your second series.

Finally, OK your way out.


To see something in the box, your chart needs to contain at least two series.

For a chart with only one series, "combo" makes no sense.

I'm attempting to add a second data series...
My apologies, I only saw your last reply. Bless you! Trying it now...
Okay... so what version of Excel are you using? I ran into this w/all of the Help instructions as well... my ribbons don't match your instructions. I can find the functionality on the ribbon but not exactly as you outline and therefore not the same results.