Group Opening and Closing Icons

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Hello everyone,


I have a sheet that I have used the grouping function of Excel. I have one header row and others. I grouped others and when I clicked on the (+) icon on the left I could see the rows that are grouped. Grouping function is still working but I can not see (1) (2) (3) and (+) (-) icons on the left. Whatever I have tried, I could not be successful to bring these little bastards back. I am working with people that will not be able to open the groups without these little icons on the left side. I am sure that as much as I tell, they will destroy the sheet to open those groups. PLEASE HELP ME AND LET'S BRING BACK THESE GUYS HERE TOGETHER!

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Check your zoom level. If your zoom level is too low, the grouping icons may be hidden. To check your zoom level, go to View > Zoom and make sure that the zoom level is set to 100%.
Make sure that the Outline toolbar is visible. To do this, go to View > Toolbars and make sure that the Outline checkbox is checked.
Click on the Show/Hide Group Symbols button on the Outline toolbar. This button looks like a (+) and (-) sign.
If the Show/Hide Group Symbols button is not visible on the Outline toolbar, you can add it by right-clicking on the toolbar and selecting Customize. In the Customize dialog box, click on the Commands tab and then select the Outline category. From the list of commands, drag the Show/Hide Group Symbols button to the Outline toolbar.
Once you have clicked on the Show/Hide Group Symbols button, the grouping icons should be displayed.
Thank you, it was just a bug I think. Like one hour my little buttons has came back...